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The Culture of the Italian “Bagno”

Italy being a peninsula of course means it has miles upon miles of coastline. Much of this coastline is full of breathtaking views and beaches. Just think of Portofino, the Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast, and the Salento region of Puglia to name a few. A common sight along Italian beaches is an area that… Continue reading The Culture of the Italian “Bagno”

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Red Gurnard Tomato Spaghetti

The hot summers days of July start early and go late into the evenings and are filled with sun, sand, wine, and lots of large plates of pasta to satisfy our appetites after mornings spent in the Mediterranean Sea. Italians are fortunate to live in a country that offers so many spectacular places to enjoy… Continue reading Red Gurnard Tomato Spaghetti

Word of the Week

Word of the Week – A Maggio

I just heard this expression on the radio and it was too good to not write about it. A maggio si spoglia adagio, in May cautiously undress. Spogliarsi means to remove, take off clothing and adagio means carefully, slowly, cautiously. If you have spent some time in Italy, you probably have heard about un colpa d'aria, a hit… Continue reading Word of the Week – A Maggio


Extra Easter Chocolate? – Chocolate Muffins

Now by mid-May we have actually finished all of our Easter chocolate and this blog post is a little late. Were you also tempted around Easter time to buy from the endless options of chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate geese, and any other sort of delicious sweets? We sure were and after Easter we had… Continue reading Extra Easter Chocolate? – Chocolate Muffins

Word of the Week

Word of the Week – Annaffiare

Spring time reminds us of birth and growth. It's always a fresh breath of air when we see the flowers in bloom, the bright leafy greens pop out on trees, and the evenings start to become longer. This week's word in annaffiare - to water. By no means do I have a green thumb, I try… Continue reading Word of the Week – Annaffiare

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5 Italian Expressions

I have always loved learning languages. So much so that I dove into the triple-major degree at University of French, Italian, and Spanish. What's exciting about learning a foreign language, isn't so much the grammar or syntax of sentence structure, but how language reflects a culture. I wrote previous post about culture and language and… Continue reading 5 Italian Expressions

Word of the Week

Word of the Week – Bocciolo

The new theme for word of the week are expressions and words related to Spring. It's a been a busy Spring time here in Bologna, Spring came fast along with a heat wave making it feel like summer. However, for just a bit we got to enjoy some absolutely stunning trees blossoming. In Italian the… Continue reading Word of the Week – Bocciolo


The Bell Tower of Bologna – Il Campanile di San Petronio

Not too long ago, I had the unique opportunity to visit the Campanile di San Petronio, the bell tower of the main church in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna. This was a special tour because not only did we get to climb the bell tower and see the bells, we also got too see a live… Continue reading The Bell Tower of Bologna – Il Campanile di San Petronio


Italian Sausage and Leek Pasta

Spring has officially arrived in Italy. The temperatures are in the high 60s and the sun is shining, also along with April showers. These warmer days are filled with anticipation of the new things to come and the adventures that will unfold as we spend more time outdoors. This recipe has just a few ingredients… Continue reading Italian Sausage and Leek Pasta

Bologna, Italy

Four Italian Easter Traditions

Italy has a few traditions to help celebrate Easter. There is a saying that goes natale con i tuoi, pasqua con chi vuoi, Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you want. "Everyone" knows that it's expected you'll spend the Christmas holidays with your family, but you probably won't return home for Easter instead, you'll spend… Continue reading Four Italian Easter Traditions